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Welcome to the Cult of the ARK

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  • Welcome to the Cult of the ARK Community!

Season 4 Starts May 1st, 2019

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The moment everyone has been waiting for is soon upon us. We'll be kicking off COTA's Season 4 on May 1st. Be sure to read this post for all the info on what's happening.


Store: Starting May 1st, players will no longer be able to receive COTA Credits when making a donation. Players can still receive COTA Credits when they subscribe to our Ascendant Status pass. Please read the item details of each pass for more info on what it provides you as well as how many COTA credits you receive per subscription term. Making this decision was difficult as, yes, it does significantly increase the chances of someone supporting our community, however, it did have some glaring drawbacks. The most common one that everyone can agree on is a sense of "pay to win". To make clear, the Server Store will remain, all the items currently available to buy for COTA Credits will remain, as it is still our community currency. You will still be able to earn COTA Credits via gameplay as well as subscribing to our Ascendant Status pass or completing REDACTED during each COTA Season. At this point through the generous contributions of our current donors and once depleted, via my own finances, I will ensure the Cult of the ARK community stays for years to come. The option to support our community will remain as it is if you do enjoy what we provide and want to help out, but you just won't receive COTA Credits for doing so...only my eternal gratitude and the other bonuses already granted with the various donator statuses.


Server Settings:

Our Season 4 beta settings are live on our servers as of this post on our regular servers. Please be sure to check them out and give us feedback on any changes you feel may be needed. To give an overview:

  • Harvest was changed from 8x to 14x, Taming speed was increased from 7x to 14x, crafting requirements for base resources such as Cementing Paste, Polymer, Gunpowder, and a few others have been reduce to make them less tedious to make.
  • Our custom drops have been nerfed per popular request, yet still are intended to be better than vanilla drops.
  • Player Food/Water drain has basically been eliminated so you won't need to stop what you're doing to chug a gallon of water or find food every 5 minutes.
  • The Obelisk timer has been increased from 24 hours to 14 days to allow players to utilize the Ob to store items they don't want to lose. The intent of this is to replace our Weekday/Weekend settings as we'll be removing these. With the extended ob timer, say you go to work/school or are on vacation for a week, your most important items will be safe in the obelisk and waiting for you.


Reset Process:

As a method of allowing people to carry on their hard work, we will be allowing players to upload items and tames into the obelisk to carry over to the new season. This is intended to allow those who have found that "perfect" blueprint or that 100th generation tame they've worked to continue existence and not be wiped away with a complete reset. With the introduction of our new reset system and our REDACTED, server resets will occur every 3 months, marking a new season and new REDACTED.

What can you bring? You will be able to bring whatever you have with you that can fit into the Obelisk. This includes 50 item slots and 20 creatures per Gamertag that can be uploaded into the obelisk. You will not be able to bring your character though. For clarity, items uploaded to the obelisk are linked to your Gamertag, not your game character. Also, for those who might think it's not allowed, you can use an alt account if you wish to hoard more stuff.

For our older players who might be used to COTA Credit rebates, we are retiring that system due to the introduction of allowing players to transfer some items with them to the new season.



To end off, we'll have another announcement on May 1st regarding REDACTED which will introduce the new season and all the info you'll need to know about REDACTED.

Sadly our Fiber servers will be discontinued on May 1st. We are shifting our full focus and resources to our 6 map cluster in order to revive and sustain our community for the future. We're sad to announce this as I know there are some dedicated Fiber players, however hopefully you'll give our servers a try come Season 4 and see how you like it. As you can see with the reduced crafting requirements we're aiming for a more "EasyCraft/HybridCraft" which will take the pain and tediousness away yet still allow for an enjoyable and satisfactory grind. We don't want to alienate our current players, yet we still want to make our servers more accessible for more potential players.

As always, if you have any questions or issues, be sure to reach out to us. The best method is via our Discord.

~ ❤️ Cult of the ARK Staff

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