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Welcome to the Cult of the ARK

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Black Friday 2018 & Store Updates

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Black Friday Discount

We hope everyone who celebrated had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. But now, it's time for some huge discounts!

Use the discount code "BF2018" upon checkout to get 50% off ALL In-Server store items! This discount will last from now through Monday the 26th.


Store Updates

We've added the much requested Cryopod, Cryofridge, and Scout to the store under the Tek category.

We've also changed Armor, Quality Weapons, and individual Saddles (excluding Tek Saddles) to be Blueprints. If you've bought a any of the aforementioned items after the Season 3 gear tier changes, please DM me via here or Discord so we can exchange them for a blueprint of the same tier.


We're glad to see everyone enjoying the Fiber servers and the new Extinction DLC!

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