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Ways to Receive COTA Credits

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This list might see expansion in the future, however, here are the ways to receive COTA Credits currently.

COTA Credits are used for items in the Member Shop.

  • Store - Purchase COTA Credits by visiting the Store.
  • Ascendant Status Pass - by having an Ascendant Status pass, you will be rewarded COTA Credits. For exact amounts, see the passes in the Store.
  • Daily Log-in bonus of 100 COTA Credits and Weekly Log-in bonus of 500.
  • Events - each event will be different in it's rewards based on the event type. Details and rewards will be listed in the corresponding event post. Events will typically reward anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 COTA Credits, however, this can vary depending on the event. See the Event Class System.
  • Depositing your COTA Credits into the Bank will earn you interest on your credits!
  • Ascending - By Ascending in-game, you will receive 20,000 COTA Credits for Gamma, 35,000 for Beta, and 50,000 for Alpha Ascension. This is per character/user, per ascension (Island, Aberration, etc.), per season. You will only receive credit for one ascension difficulty. Please provide proof of your Implant to @Kuma via a message either here or on the Discord.
  • Luca's Ad Event - For every advertisement you post on xbox, reddit, facebook, etc. that advertises COTA that you send to @Bring Me the Verizon on discord, you will receive 10,000 COTA Credits (Some Restrictions Apply). 
  • Referral Point System - Visit Account Settings and go to the Invitations section where you can email your referral code or have a user refer you when registering. Through referrals, you can earn over 1,000 COTA Credits per referral!


Have suggestions for more ways to earn COTA Credits? Let us know!

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