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  1. The update wiped a few servers out there. I believe a roll back to before the update fixed it but some progress may have still been lost. Please try and ask around before just quitting. It'll help yourself in more ways than a game.
  2. RTRDs, although always peaceful, agree to a ceasefire.
  3. Hello, I need gachas that produce silica pearls, and am offering 1k hard poly per gacha(that produces pearls). I play on normal craft island. Discord: Nightmare#8115, pm me if you feel we could work something out!
  4. (At bottom there's a TL:DR) Yeah, yeah I know what you all think and nope, not joking. Dodos are overpriced. Kuma I know what you're thinking too, "they're such an easy tame to get" which is the same argument you/other admins have for easy to get tools that are expensive. But c'mon 1k for dodos? They're easy to get but also a fun tame, Dodo fighting for example, people need to get a lot of dodos to breed monster ones, why waste their time and the resources needed when they could buy them?...Oh wait I know they cost 1k, why not make them just a bit cheaper, maybe 500ish. TL:DR Dodos are a tame that although easy to get, are a nuisance to get in mass cause it's wasteful of time and resources, maybe lower their price to like 500. And call me lazy idc lol
  5. Looking for a tribe, any map but Ab/SE. Not really looking for a pvp heavy tribe, i wanna be a peaceful dodo breeder that grinds when needed and stuff. DM me on discord if you have a spot Heartless#8115
  6. Heartless here, old member of Army of 2, well still am, but Sludge my old tribe mate may be leaving. I'm looking for grinders/breeders, ppl who are good at pvp but don't go looking for it. I'd like yo stay as pve as possible so trouble makers don't even think about joining. DM me on discord Heattless#8115 if interested. Map is Center
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