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  1. Alright, An event that doesn't require you to have a base or to built up at all... The idea is to make a cota tv commercial but not on tv for YouTube or other social medias. So the event is simple Submit an Storyboard, Actual Commercial, or a script to @Shadow of Wolf on discord and the best one wins 40k Credits and an assortment of other things* How it works, You make Storyboard , Commercial, etc for the Cult of the Ark servers simple. Rules: It can't be a direct copy of another ad, It has to be somewhere between 30 seconds and a minute and a half. *The assortment of other things can be almost anything but it has to be ok'd by Kuma before it can be spawned
  2. Shadow

    Where is my base

    Or calm down n notify n admin but whatev
  3. Having the fiber one in concrete is nice, but as for the reg serv I thought it was a year or until the cluster asks for it. Speaking of which for reg cluster I wanna say its getting about that time it needs a wipe, possibly a soft wipe. such as all dinos/bases, and a time for some settings to be changed, currently the serv is real easy, oh you need metal go collect a couple green drops. This made it so people couple build anywhere really in theory but it never really happened. A soft wipe would be nice like put your dinos in ob (extend the time dinos can be in ob of course) and then wipe each map. or connect the test serv to the cluster but have it still password protected have people give admins dinos they store on test serv. then wipe everything except player.
  4. At what time, last time I checked rag which was weekday at about 3 it had 30 people on. 95% of the pop lives in the US
  5. Dark the cluster did that, It basically had the cluster at even a lower pop than this. I ain't disagreeing with you but wiping the serv now wouldn't do much than bringing the pop up for a couple of weeks than it dying again. I've been on cult for a while and this is how the server fluctuats , It wipes pop goes up for a while people get wiped a bunch leave those who stay build up, serv slowly comes back up another tribes gets big enough to fight the alpha yadda ya wins pop dips back down then slowly grows another tribes gets big yadda yada ya, it does this on repeat for a while.
  6. It was wiped last time because of a “low pop” all this did was bring up the pop for a couple weeks then it died for a while now it’s on the rise.
  7. Happy Holiday y'all For this Holiday weekend/ week we should hold a ceasefire between tribes for all of those who are traveling and or having relatives over. In order to help preserve order we need some many tribes to agree with these terms, so Hopefully enough tribes will agree to hold a ceasefire. If we do have enough tribes to agree to this, I will help with a couple of the older tribes enforce the ceasefire. Also I don't know what the admins will be doing for the holidays so I will be holding a Christmas event on the rag server, This will include a couple of mini games such as throw the dodo, Snipe off, Destroy the tower, and of course gift opening. If you want to help or donate gift please Dm me GT: Shadow 0f Wolf (btw the 0 in 0f is a zero) Discord: Invisible Have a merry Christmas , Invis
  8. Your new to the game right?
  9. I'm selling a bunch of dinos as well as breeding lines, I have rexs, Megatheriums , trikes, theris, and velonisaurs. I accept payment in nearly anything including other breeders.
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