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  1. Can't they be transferred?
  2. Luca


    How does everyone feel about the new cota?
  3. Luca


    With the start of the next COTA season coming alongside the launch of Crystal Isles on console (July/August most likely), we will be implemented a rebate system. The reason for this is so that we can do full wipes, but also not completely delete the fact that some generous people donated to the servers. This counts for both donations and purchases of the Ascendant Pass. The system is simple: -Donors will receive COTA credits equal to 50% of what they donated during the previous season. For example, if @Blootzy were to donate $50 to the servers this season, he would receive 25,000 COTA credits when the next season begins. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me or tag me in the discord.
  4. I agree. 1 per week is kinda lame honestly. Once I'm able to edit it, we'll be doing more and see how things go
  5. True. I already have plans to add the Shinehorn because of SOME PEOPLE
  6. Not every tame has to cycle in. Like, maybe I misunderstand ark, but I don't think anyone will be dying for a pelagornis or compy. Stuff like that doesn't need to be added
  7. I get that. If it isn't well received as is, we can up it to more than 1 of each per week so it doesn't take 4 months to get x dino or whatever
  8. Thoughts on the new store system?
  9. Luca


    What do
  10. What should we do?
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