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  1. Earlier
  2. they can be but the tek trike cant be deployed on rag
  3. Can't they be transferred?
  4. It is possible to make it so that genesis dinos can be used on other maps?
  5. Luca


    How does everyone feel about the new cota?
  6. Benadryl

    Making simpler

    Why start a new poll? I thought the last one covered the options well enough. My tribe would rather lose items & progress through PvP than by admin command. Otherwise we will find elsewhere to play come server wipe time.
  7. Luca


    With the start of the next COTA season coming alongside the launch of Crystal Isles on console (July/August most likely), we will be implemented a rebate system. The reason for this is so that we can do full wipes, but also not completely delete the fact that some generous people donated to the servers. This counts for both donations and purchases of the Ascendant Pass. The system is simple: -Donors will receive COTA credits equal to 50% of what they donated during the previous season. For example, if @Blootzy were to donate $50 to the servers this season, he would receive 25,000 COTA credits when the next season begins. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me or tag me in the discord.
  8. all of the servers are up and flourishing!
  9. I agree. 1 per week is kinda lame honestly. Once I'm able to edit it, we'll be doing more and see how things go
  10. @Kuma @Luca We should have at least open it to "Most Used" tames but limit the amount, like 2 for a mated pair? (mana, giga, rex, gacha, idk make a poll of tames people would actually want?) But i really think the one random dino every week is crap. The chances for the more cota i think that's okay, but i think random packages would be cool. *shrugs* Like blue package with 1-2 random tames with saddles, and low tier set of armor and a weapon/tool. and so on build level tiers. Or player style. "The metal grinder" contains maybe a mantis or magma depending on the level? metal picks? I'm just snowballing ideas at this point because this is very minimal and 2 items a week and only being able to earn random amounts of cota is just dull, I was expecting at least a similar set up to the old store being able to buy an imprint a desired tame. It's why i donated and came back i enjoyed the store set up and enjoyed the stats.
  11. True. I already have plans to add the Shinehorn because of SOME PEOPLE
  12. People are weird you’d be surprised. Lol
  13. Not every tame has to cycle in. Like, maybe I misunderstand ark, but I don't think anyone will be dying for a pelagornis or compy. Stuff like that doesn't need to be added
  14. See but who’s to say it won’t take that long anyways there are a lot of tames in this game.
  15. I get that. If it isn't well received as is, we can up it to more than 1 of each per week so it doesn't take 4 months to get x dino or whatever
  16. Liked the option of being able to buy a tame you actually wanted right away and 100% imprinting them like griffins. You can’t imprint them naturally. Now if I’m understanding correctly we have to wait till Monday and see what shows up. I like the limiting. That way no one can go ape shit.
  17. Thoughts on the new store system?
  18. It's here! We've updated the store for a weekly item cycle. To start, we've added 1 item and 1 creature. We plan to cycle out different items and creatures every Monday. We have also set limited the quantities available to prevent an unlimited amount of store bought items from entering the server ecosystem. Also to note, as of current, if you wish to purchase any COTA Credits, please do so via the "Buy Credits" feature that displays with your current credit balance. Any questions, issues, or recommendations please be sure to contact us!
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